2014 Marie's View

2014 Marie's View
2014 Marie's View


When Marie’s View was a blend of several grapes I would add quite a bit of Cab Franc to doll it up with long eyelashes and seductive sultriness. The 2012 and 2013 were the first two vintages of Marie’s View as 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Good vintages, and then, turn out the lights, cut off the gas, get out of the way, fear not.  Behold the 2014 knock your socks off, in your face, what did you call me, take cover brother. I love this one. It’s the bomb.  

Cab was picked from Block 10 on September 26 and from Block 18 on October 10.  We made the wine in a really old-fashioned manner. Hand-picked grapes, simple crush, cold-soak for 3 days, ferment for another 18 at cool temperatures, hand-punch 3 times a day, hand-press on a wooden basket press, gravity feed to cellar (cool and open to the ground), three years aging including the final six months blended in a 500-gallon French Oak tank. This is wine made in a reductive style, dangerously non-invasive and never manipulated.  Theme song:  Elvis Presley doing Carl Perkins’ “Don’t Step On My Blue Suede Shoes” real loud.  The flavors should stay in your mouth for hours. Large exotic flavors.  Naked under Cleopatra. At least you have the wine. - Rob Newsom


April 28, 2018

VarietalCabernet Sauvignon
Varietal Composition100% Cabernet Sauvignon
AppellationHorse Heaven Hills
Aging50% new Millet and Tarans
FermentationSoaked on skins for 18 days
Wine StyleRed Wine
Volume750 ml
Bottling Date05/24/2017

100% Wallula Vineyard

Considered by some to be the best vineyard site in Washington State, Wallula Vineyard is a picturesque growing location nestled high above the mighty Columbia River south of Kennewick. The vineyard is planted on south-facing slopes which vary from 2% up to 30% grade and its perimeter totals 9 miles of varied terrain. Of this perimeter the shore of the Columbia River provides nearly 3.5 miles of waterfront. From the river's edge at 320 feet above sea level, the property climbs a distance of nearly 3.5 miles to its peak elevation of 1367 feet. The lower elevations of the property provide ideal growing conditions for ultra-premium reds while conditions allow for high quality whites to e grown. The river is of utmost imortance as the water acts as a massive insulator where during the day heat accumulates quickly and at night it provides cooling effect once the sun goes down.

Wallula's beauty as well as its suitability to winegrapes is due in part to the huge Missoula floods that raced down the Columbia River during the last ice age. The surging waters deposited Shano silt loam soils on the site, and carved the steep, besalt-rimmed canyon walls atop which the vineyards are planted.

Rob Newsom, the Louisiana-born founder of Washington state's already legendary Boudreaux Cellars was inspired and tutored by Leonetti Cellar icon Gary Figgins. This former professional alpinist, ice climbing pioneer, and developer of the Gore-Tex fly-fishing wader, is known widely for his bold, rich cabernet sauvignons. Neer afraid to experiment, smooth exotic blends are also one of Rob's specialties.

His background in musical performance, cooking and grilling, scientific analysis, and marketing combine with his sly sense of humor and global experience to make Rob engaging and entertaining. Rob was chosen as Seattle Magazine's Best New Winemaker of the Year in 2007. He is serving is sencond term on the board of directors of the Washington Wine Institute adn also serves on the board of Acoustic Sound, Inc. producers of Wintergrass.

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